Broadband, DSL, SDSL, ADSL and ADSL 2+



What are broadband, DSL, SDSL, ADSL and ADSL 2+?

‘Broadband’, ‘DSL’, ‘SDSL’, ‘ADSL’ and ‘ADSL2+’ are all types of line connection to a public telecommunications network for high speed internet access.


The term ‘broadband’ is generally applied to any type of high speed internet access line. Thus all types of ‘DSL’, ‘ADSL’ and ‘ADSL2+’ lines are also ‘broadband connections’. ‘Broadband’ might also be used to describe high speed Internet acess via Cable TV network (in this case not using ‘DSL’ technology).





What is....                                                       DSL?




                                                                      Glossary of ADSL terminology


Your ADSL connection...                                            What do I need for DSL / ADSL?

                                                                      When is DSL / ADSL the best Internet Access connection for me?

                                                                      Reasons for buying ADSL (applications of ADSL)


Choosing the right ADSL connection type...          ADSL connection types

                                                                      Should I buy the highest possible ADSL bitrate?


Deciding on ADSL service...                              Choosing your ADSL service provider

                                                                      Must I buy a telephone line from my ADSL service provider?

                                                                      Choosing an configuring your DSL modem

                                                                      Will my telephone line length affect the ADSL service I get?

                                                                      Economics of ADSL

                                                                      What are the alternatives if you can’t get ADSL?


Setting up & operating your ADSL connection...  ADSL Network configuration

                                                                      Initial installation

                                                                      What you can do with ADSL

                                                                      What to do if the download speed appears slow

                                                                      Questions or a Complaint?


Internet or Broadband Telephony...                  Introduction to VOIP (voice-over-IP)


Complete Guide to Broadband and ADSL               27 page Guide in PDF Format