Glossary of Broadband Terms

ADSL                                                asymmetric digital subscriber line (up to 8 Mbit/s)

ADSL2                                               asymmetric digital subscriber line (up to 12 Mbit/s)        

ADSL2+                                             asymmetric digital subscriber line (up to 25 Mbit/s)

BRAS                                                broadband remote access server

BRI                                                   basic rate ISDN

CLI                                                   calling line identity

Downstream                                       data transfer from the public network/Internet to the user

DSL                                                  digital subscriber line

DSLAM                                              digital subscriber line access multiplexor

FastPath                                           a technique for reducing latency (PING times) on ADSL connections

HDSL                                                high speed digital subscriber line

IAD                                                   integrated access device (VOIP)

IP                                                     Internet protocol

ISDN                                                 integrated services digital network

ISP                                                   Internet service provider

ITU-T recommendation G.992.1              standard for ADSL

ITU-T recommendation G.992.2              standard for ADSL

ITU-T recommendation G.992.3              standard for ADSL2

ITU-T recommendation G.992.5              standard for ADSL2+

PING                                                 packet internet groper

QOS                                                 quality of service

SAN                                                  storage area network

SDSL                                                symmetric digital subscriber line     

U-R2                                                 German national interface standard for ADSL lines

Upstream                                           data transfer from the user to the public network/Internet

VDSL                                                very high speed digital subscriber line

VOIP                                                 voice-over-IP

WEP                                                 wireless equivalent privacy

WiFi                                                  wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11)

WLAN                                                wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11)

WPA                                                 wireless protected access

XDSL                                                generic term for any type of DSL