What are the alternatives to DSL, or the options when DSL is not available?

If DSL is not available in your area, or your order is rejected because of the inadequate quality of your line, what can you do?


4    Request your line be re-tested if it was a ‘borderline’ case (i.e. nearly met the quality standard)


4    Indicate to your chosen ADSL provider that you are willing to accept a lower bitrate service and/or to forego a service/bitrate guarantee


4    Check to determine if there are any “wireless dsl” (WiFi, Hotspot or WIMAX operators) offering service in your area


4    Consider satellite (‘sky dsl’) service


4    Consider a ‘leaseline’ connection for Internet access service (likely to be expensive and only appropriate for business users)


4    Consult your national telecom regulator about your options


4    Revert to dial-up telephone or ISDN access to the Internet