Martin Clark


Martin is a British citizen, fluent in English and German, with experience and contacts resulting from working across the EU and eastern Europe. A competent business and project manager with extensive marketing and sales experience, as well as a strong engineering background.


Educated at Oxford University, where he won the Maurice Lubbock prize for the top first class honours degree for Engineering, and with over more than 20 years in worldwide carrier and enterprise telecommunications, Martin Clark has amassed a wealth and breadth of experience in ICT (information and communications technology) at the highest international level.  His experience and skills cover the full breadth of carrier and enterprise telecommunications, products and services, including public voice and data networks, Internet and mobile technology, transmission and radio networks, management and operations.


Martin commenced his career as Strategic Network Planning Manager for British Telecom International in 1981, where he was responsible for engineering the international voice, ISDN and intelligent network of the UK.  During an eight year span he gained detailed knowledge of carrier network planning and operations at an international level and the international standards and planning bodies which go with them (CCITT: now ITU-T). His period of office spanned involvement in the deregulation and privatisation of BT, as well as the deregulation of the national and international telecommunications markets.  He was an early participant in network interconnection negotiations and mobile networking.


Subsequently, Martin held senior positions at GrandMet (now DIAGEO) as Group Telecommunications Manager of the telecommunications and IT assets of the UK’s sixth largest conglomerate, as Network Development Manager for Cable & Wireless Europe (in Frankfurt, Germany from 1991) and as a senior manager at Deutsche Bank network department, DGN and CNI (the forerunners of the present-day ARCOR – Germany’s second largest public carrier).  Cable & Wireless and CNI brought further extensive experience of networking start-up companies, business planning, telecom regulation, interconnection, network architecture planning and major project management.


During the latter 1990s, Martin was again involved with a start-up.  This time, one involved in ATM broadband wireless.  Martin was European Technical Director of Netro from start-up to beyond Nasdaq IPO (valuation over $600 million).


As principal of Clark Telecommunictions (established in 1995), Martin specialises in large scale telecommunications services, business planning and development, marketing, network design and project management, as well as sales support. He has been involved in a number of company start-up projects but his clients also include many major names: ANS (one of the first US Internet providers), ARCOR, Exco Bierbaum (financial broker), GIGA STREAM (mobile core network equipment manufacturer), Lucent Technologies, Microsoft, mobile network providers, NEC, Pacer International (project management), SIEMENS, Spütz, UUNET (Internet provider), VDE (German association of the electrical industry). Martin has also been closely involved in the development and consolidation of ICT properties and facilities and is a director of Rivergreen.


Martin Clark is a registered European Engineer (Eur. Ing.), a Chartered Engineer (C. Eng) and a Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (M.I.E.E.).